How to Choose the Best Whey Protein for Women


If you are shopping for whey protein for women in any big supermarket whether online or offline, definitely, you will find numerous options that will overwhelm you. Apart from supplement made from whey protein, you will also find products made from other sources such as pea, soy, casein protein and others. They are available in a number of types and forms. The manufacturers of each of these products claim to have the best products that give the best result to the users but experience has shown that some products are not actually of great quality. This coupled with the plenty of available options, you will really find it difficult to make an informed choices. The tips given below will help you to get started.

Differentiating between whey protein and mass gainer

The first point that you should take into consideration is that there are products that are made from pure whey protein. They do not contain any other macronutrients and if they do, it is in a very reduced quantity. But there are also some supplements that contain carbohydrates and fats. These ones are referred to as mass gainer. Most women who are looking to lose weight or obtain a well toned physique make the mistake of buying mass gainer instead of pure whey protein supplement that will help them to achieve their fitness goal. When they consume it, they will find out that they are adding more weight instead of reducing weight. This is because these supplements have high calories content. As a rule of the thumb, if you are looking to lose weight or increase your protein, it is advisable that you buy a product made from pure whey protein sources. The protein content per serving of a good whey protein for women should be about 20-30 grams per serving. The fat and carb content should be very low. 1-5 grams of carb and 1-5 grams of fat are ok.

Consider the quality of the products you are buying

When you are shopping for whey protein for women, you should consider quality first before quantity. Yes, it is important to ensure that it has enough protein content but over and above that, you should make sure that the product is of great quality. It is difficult to determine the quality of a product since you were not there when it was made and even if you were there, you have no knowledge about what constitute the right quality unless you are told. But, there is a way to determine the quality of a product. First, take time to read the reviews of previous consumers. From their comments, you will find out whether the product is effective or not. You should also go through the label to know the ingredients that are used in making the product. Buy a product that contains more of natural ingredients.

Ensure that the product does not contain more than 7 to 10 ingredients. Some makers of whey protein add little quantity of a lot of ingredients. But in actual fact, these little amount will make no significance given their quantity. These manufacturers only added these ingredients in order to attract consumers.

Be wary of hype

If you are looking for the best product, you will not be able to determine that based on the claims and promises made by the manufacturers in their ads. Virtually, all manufacturers make a lot of claims about their products and promise the consumers heaven and earth. But as experience has shown, only a few of them are able to fulfill these promises. So, do not be carried away by these hypes. Instead, you should take time to read reviews, company’s records and then compare ingredients before choosing a product. Don’t be in a rush to make a choice. You can also ask women you know that have been using whey protein to achieve their fitness goal.

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